Whenever I think if buying a car, I automatically think about the increase in the auto insurance rates. Then I go through all the questions in my head. Will I be able to handle the increased rates? Will I be able to get the same coverage? Will I have to give up some of the benefits like the towing package? Will I still have the rental coverage? Then before I know it I start walking out of the dealership. Mainly because if I have to think about the auto insurance rates then maybe my financial situation it too tight to be looking at that car. Maybe I am paying too much on my auto insurance rates.

If you think about things like this then there are two things that you can do and the first is check your budget and do an honest scrub of your budget to see if the new car is a want or a need. If you truly need the car then start looking on the internet and search for free auto rate quotes to see if you are paying too much for the insurance you are currently carrying on the vehicle you have now. There are several companies out there that will give you free auto quotes in a matter of minutes so the time should not be the issue.

When you do look at the insurance rates you may want to see what the difference in price is if you have a higher deductible on the policy. This does make a difference sometime in the auto insurance rates. Another factor is your driving record. If you know you have a bad driving record with a lot of speeding tickets than it will not matter because your auto insurance will be high no matter where you go. This will be until enough time has passed to clear some of the tickets off your driving record.

You could talk with your current agent and ask what you can do to lower your insurance rate. Back to the car you want, is it really the only car you can select from? Maybe you can see what else is available for you in your price range and look down the road for that car when you can better afford it.